Andrei Tchijov, Co-Founder, President & CTO

Andrei Tchijov

Andrei has over 30 years of software product development experience in a variety of languages and environments.

Since 1995 he has led development teams at Digital Analysis Corporation (DAC), Legent Corporation, Computer Associates International, and Sequation, Inc.

Equally proficient working on his own or managing a team of high-level developers, Andrei consistently delivers cutting-edge products. At DAC, he led the design and development of major new product releases to improve performance, scalability and functionality. At Legent, he was the principal engineer for AgentWorks and the technical lead for the AgentWorks product line for network and systems management based upon SNMP and CMIP. When Computer Associates acquired Legent, he worked as a principal engineer for distributed infrastructure and real-time instrumentation, surveillance, correlation and modeling infrastructure for Unicenter TNG.

Andrei co-founded Sequation, Inc. in 2000. He was the principal designer of the new patent-pending software to provide massively scalable grid-based solutions that maintain administrative ease with the exponential growth of hosts, services, users, and processing workload.

In 2005 Andrei decided to concentrate on developing web-related applications. Since that time, he has worked on a number of exciting projects.